The Journey from Brown Hair to Silver

It’s only fitting that my first blog post is one that I wish I had read a long time ago! My journey from dark brown hair to striking silver was definitely not a smooth one. If I had known all that I know now about bleaching my hair platinum I definitely would’ve taken some different routes, and saved a lot of money.

My First Attempt:

Day 1:

February 2017. I had decided to seriously pursue my hair dreams. Little did I know that even professional hairdressers could get it all horribly wrong.

I wanted my hair to be perfect and so I scouted out a ‘good’ (naturally expensive) hairdresser: Pimps and Pinups in Spitalfields, London. I was told that the process would take two days and if I was lucky I’d be able to go home on the first day with somewhat silver hair. I was excited!

The first day consisted of two full bleaches, my scalp was extremely sore and bright red. My hair was canary yellow and I was starting to get a little worried. One thing I would definitely recommend is the Olaplex treatment during this process! It prevents extreme damage which is necessary if you don’t want hay-like hair. After toning my hair it was in fact an off-silver with streaks of yellow shining through. I was told not to wash my hair or put any product in it overnight, and also to pour milk on my scalp if I happened to have a bad reaction to the bleach. After about 6 hours in the hairdresser my first day felt like a success, I was full of hope for the next day as I headed off to Pizza Express.

Price paid for Attempt 1 Day 1: Approximately £260

Day 2:

The second day did not take very long. The hairdresser told me that he was going to dye my hair a slightly darker grey to mask the yellow, and then I’d be able to come back after a month to go lighter. I was fine with this. By the end of the session I was pretty convinced that he had dyed my hair back to brown, it definitely didn’t look grey. He assured me that it would look lighter outside and would wash out to a lighter grey. Me, being naive in the field of grey dye at the time, believed him.

Price paid for Attempt 1 Day 1: Approximately £180

My “grey/silver” double bleached hair

The Aftermath:

After one wash my hair turned into a golden-blonde. I was horrified. I tried to contact the hairdresser and they told me they’d call back (they never did).

I kept the golden blonde for over a month and it eventually washed out into a more ordinary day-to-day colour, but I was still eager to achieve the silver dream.

My Second Attempt:

I researched hard to find my next choice of hairdresser. After exploring their Instagram page I finally settled on The Painted Lady in Shoreditch, London.

They invited me for a testing first which I was very glad to have. My hairdresser (Alice!) snipped off a small section of my hair from the back and bleached it to see the results. When I went back the next day the test results were satisfying enough and we started on my actual hair. I had to have another full bleach but this wasn’t too bad since I’d left my hair alone for over a month. After many hours of Alice’s hard work we finally achieved the perfect silver!

Price paid for Attempt 2: Approximately £200

The Aftermath:

My hair was not just yellow undertones covered with grey dye, it was now platinum blonde toned silver and so the results lasted for quite a while! I kept my hair toned and brilliantly silver with the amazing Jerome Russell silver toner, it worked absolute wonders.

After a month my roots did grow out quite a bit but I liked the look, and I managed to retain the silver.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset
My hair a month after the second successful attempt

I wish I had initially gone to The Painted Lady and saved a ton of money and stress but the experience has taught me a lot about haircare and hairdressers. I hope this helps anyone out there who is contemplating going silver. It takes a lot of maintenance but I don’t regret it one bit.

I’ll be doing another blog post in the future about where I went from here, thank you for reading!

Bayse x


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