A Guide to Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is the largest and most popular of the Dodecanese islands. The Greek island is the perfect holiday destination.

If there’s one thing I would recommend to all 18 year olds, it’s to go on holiday with your friends when you’re finally done with sixth form/college. But don’t be deceived! Yes, it is important to travel with people you get along with, however your choice of destination is equally as important. 


I visited Rhodes with three of my close friends in July and stayed there for 3 nights in a hotel in Ixia. Caravel Hotel was a small and lovely place to stay with friendly owners, a pool, and its own restaurant. It’s important to check the reviews of any places you’re considering staying in, hygiene is key!


Rhodes has a combination of both rocky and sandy beaches. There was a long, rocky beach in Ixia just 2 minutes away from our hotel. Although it was great for tanning, rocky beaches aren’t ideal for other beach activities.

Ixia Beach

On our second day we took a taxi to Faliraki, home to golden sandy beaches. The taxi fares in Rhodes are actually pretty good, and there are fixed prices to most popular destinations to avoid scamming.

Faliraki Beach

Tips for the beach:

  • Carry cash on you! Almost all beaches charge 5€ for sun beds/loungers
  • Grab a spot close to the shops and restaurants so you don’t have to weave through other people when buying a drink
  • There’s no point taking your own water bottles, the shops at the beach have cold ones and they’re usually just 1€ each

Activities and Sightseeing:

The WaterPark:

The water park is situated in Faliraki and is said to be the biggest waterpark in Europe! There are water slides descending from the mountains, plastic floats, plenty of pools, and a few restaurants. Tickets are 24€ each and it’s worth every single penny. We spent hours inside, not adventurous enough to have a go on the gigantic slides but testing out some of the smaller ones. It’s safe to say my favourite was the Lazy River, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the most relaxed I’ve ever been. The Faliraki Water Park should definitely be on your list of places to go.

The WaterPark entrance

The Old Town:

This was definitely one of my highlights. It is an area of over 200 interweaving streets full of ancient ruins, museums, shops, stalls, art, music and more. The Old Town is the oldest inhabited medieval town in Europe and is thriving with culture.

Figuring out where to go just before we enter the gates

On arrival, there are many stalls lined up selling all sorts of objects from bracelets and daggers to starfish shells and figurines. One of the most beautiful objects being sold were handmade ceramics.


Once inside, you pass through beautiful castle ruins and gardens to come to an array of art, hundreds of little shops and restaurants.

A picture in front of the ancient ruins
Just a small portion of the many shops selling jewellery, paintings, souvenirs and more


I can confidently say that the food in Rhodes is delicious, and it’s not all Greek food. In fact, the small population of Italians in Rhodes have established many Italian restaurants. Whilst we enjoyed Greek food (like gyros and tzatziki) in our hotel restaurant, we dined on pasta and pizza in the various Italian restaurants close to us. Our favourite restaurant was the Sirtaki Taverna in Ixia.


Overall, Rhodes was a joy. A beautiful island full of friendly people, history, art, sunshine and beaches. The ultimate holiday destination for a relaxing break.

Thank you for reading, Bayse x

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